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“We are very slowly — some say too slowly — beginning to undergo a paradigm shift in Western medical thinking from a chemical-mechanistic model of the human body to a more finely tuned electrical-system model.” —B. Blake Levitt, Electromagnetic Fields

When Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in the early 60’s very few people had any idea about the mountain of evidence that would follow supporting her contention that the pesticides being used by everyone were killing us. In the new millennium authors like Levitt, Brodeur and Smith to name a few have given the wakeup call for people to become aware of a very present threat to our health and the health of our children.


Sometimes referred to as Extremely Low Frequency (ELF), EMF’s are magnetic fields created by voltage. These magnetic fields are odorless, tasteless, silent and impossible to feel but they are affecting our health in a very big and negative way. EMF’s are created by electrical appliances, electrical wiring in your home or office, computers, electric blankets, and power lines.


EMF’s disrupt cell membranes thereby promoting ill health and disease. The mechanisms of how EMF’s affect us are beyond the level of information presented here. If you are interested in further information contact me. At present, scientific studies have shown a link between EMF’s and: Brain tumors, altered brain function, depression, sleep disruption, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, headaches, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, immune system deficiencies, heart problems, forgetfulness, cancer as well as other health problems.

Dr. David Carpenter, dean at the School of Public Health at the State University of New York, is convinced that up to 30% of all childhood cancers could be the result of EMF’s. In 1990, the EPA recommended EMF’s be given Class B carcinogenic status, “probable human carcinogen” and joined the ranks of formaldehyde, DDT, dioxins and PCBs. The EPA warns, “There is reason for concern,” and advises “prudent avoidance” of EMF’s.


In a nutshell, not much! As far back as 1971 A White House advisory committee said that nonionizing radiation from radar, television transmitters, microwave ovens, medical diathermy, as well as numerous other sources was “permeating” our environment. Since that time we have added a host of new and potentially dangerous sources: Cell phones, MRI’s, computers, wireless phones and transmitters, and we even expose fetuses with diagnostic ultrasound. The only thing you can do is exercise “prudent avoidance.”


Purchase a Gauss meter that can measure EMF’s and radio frequencies. The price range is typically from $40 to $200. Measure your home, work and play environments. Measure both inside and outside your home. Electricity is an integral part of our society and therefore EMF’s are going to be all around in our environment. Bare in mind that limited exposure is not as damaging as prolonged exposure at higher levels. There are units that you can buy that will help to neutralize the EMF’s, and there is special metal foil that will block EMF’s but it makes more sense to try to avoid them altogether.

Utilizing “prudent avoidance” as the FDA advises might include:

  • Rearrange your surroundings so that you are not exposed to EMF’s from appliances above, below or along side your work area. Refrigerators and other household appliances can emit rather strong EMF’s and walls will not stop them.
  • Do not sit closer than six feet to your TV.
  • You may want to stop using or at least limit your use of electric hairdryers, toothbrushes and razors.
  • Avoid using a cordless phone and particularly limit your use of cell phones.
  • Change fluorescent bulbs to incandescent.
  • If you have electric baseboard heat, move beds and cribs away from them.
  • Try to stand at least five feet from your microwave.
  • If you sleep in a waterbed unplug the heater at night.
  • Do not use an electric blanket or heating pad.

The bottom line is nobody is completely sure what is a safe exposure is either in strength or length of exposure. What is known, however, is that EMF’s are a major problem. If good health is you objective you need to limit your exposure.