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Nutritional Therapy

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“There is only one major disease and that is malnutrition. All ailments and afflictions to which we may fall heir are directly traceable to this major disease.” —D.W. Cavanaugh, M.D., Cornell University


Nutritional therapy is the educated and scientific use of vitamin complexes, minerals, phytochemicals, enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes, and essential fatty acids to balance the biochemical and physiological processes of the body. Nutritional therapy is not for the purpose of treating diseases, but rather to provide nutrients for maximum efficiency in body function.

Without adequate raw materials biological processes within the body are not able to function properly. This can lead to a decreased resistance to disease as well as a slowly progressive breakdown of body function, cells, tissues and eventually organ systems. Disease is more than the absence of something necessary (raw materials) in the body than it is the presence of something evil (germs). Through the proper use of nutritional products the objective is to correct deficient or faulty processes within the body.

The adequate and proper application of nutritional therapy by a health care physician requires an extensive understanding of human physiology and biochemistry to determine what is appropriate for an individual’s unique physiology or bioindividuality. Because it is not merely enough to have read a couple books and attend a couple of workshops, it is wise to consult a physician who specializes in nutritional therapy.


Do not allow the headlines to fool you: Your chances of getting and dying from cancer are up dramatically. The incidence of asthma, diabetes and heart disease have doubled in just the past decade despite the heroic and expensive efforts of modern medicine. Chronic diseases, infertility and antibiotic resistant disease are taking a heavy toll on the health of Americans and their pocketbooks. At the turn of the century all of these maladies were nonexistent or extremely rare. So what is going on? In addition to over-reliance on drugs, other outside forces and influences that erode our health, it’s the food we eat!

Our food is refined, bleached, preserved, pasteurized, sterilized, homogenized, sanitized, artificially flavored, artificially colored, hydrogenated, synthetically fortified and enriched, denatured, degermed, defibered, canned, frozen and exposed to hundreds and perhaps thousands of dangerous man-made chemicals. This food is prepared for long-term shelf life and then it is overcooked. And we wonder why ill-health and disease abound.

Before the food has reached the food manufacturers for the processing it has a major obstacle to overcome. The use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides and poor soil conditions the nutritional value of the food was already deficient before the processing. The United States Senate wrote document #264 in the 2nd session of the 74th congress in 1936. It warned that our soils were severely depleted of minerals. If the soils were that bad in 1936 what has 60 years of further abuse done to soil health? Looking at our food supply it’s easy to understand the need to supplement your diet with proper nutrition.

The nutritional value of our food has continued to decline steadily and rapidly this century. Americans have demanded fast food and quick preparation of food at home, which has come with a serious price: severely nutritionally deficient food. This is not new information to anyone. However what to do about it does require new information. Your best source for information is a well-trained natural healthcare provider such as myself.


Nutritional deficiencies as a major cause of ill health have finally caught the attention of scientists. In fact their role in cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases as well as chronic diseases is well documented and the proof is growing as research continues. With half of all Americans now suffering from some sort of chronic disease it becomes important to provide our bodies with the raw materials to strengthen our immune systems and our bodies. Just about any illness or disease you can think of will benefit from improved nutrition.

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